Vegalab Products Developed by David Selakovic’s Lab Team Benefit Rooftop Farming

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – In recent years urban farming has become more and more popular in cities all over the world. And while the climate and weather challenges differ from country to country, there is one thing all metropolises have in common: a lack of space. In response to that problem rooftop farms have gained popularity and can now be found everywhere, from San Francisco to Hong Kong, from Chicago to Rotterdam. Within the United States, New York City has assumed a leading role when it comes to growing crops and vegetables within the city boundaries. Currently, the city’s Economic Development Corporation is accepting proposals for a major rooftop farm in Hunts Point, Bronx, which once it is completed will be the biggest rooftop farm in the United States and probably even the world.

It is not only commercial rooftop farming that is on the rise. While the project in the Bronx is planning to deliver their harvested produce to local supermarkets, Brooklyn Grange has already two farms set up, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens, where New Yorkers cannot only go to buy local organic produce, but also get professional advice on how to set up a vegetable garden on their own roofs. And while hobby gardeners can benefit from plenty of sun and the absence of rodents or deer going after their seedlings, they are still well advised to apply organic fertilizers to maximize their harvest. This is where Vegalab comes in handy: the manufacturer of sustainable agricultural products under the management of CEO David Selakovic just recently expanded its portfolio and added a fertilization system named SUPREME GROWERS to its offerings, which was especially developed for hobby gardeners.

SUPREME GROWERS comes in the form of two kits, an All-Purpose Kit that is suitable for fruits, vegetables and flowers and an Herb & Leavy Greens Kit, covering all fertilization needs ambitious rooftop gardeners might have. What makes SUPREME GROWERS so practical for the use in locations with space restraints is the fact that it comes as a powder, packaged in individual sachets the same size that is used for instant coffee. Mixed with water, each package yields a gallon of fertilizer. Maybe David Selakovic and his research team at the Vegalab laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, even thought about rooftop farmers who have to carry all their tools and equipment up on the top of their houses when they developed the all-natural fertilizer.

David Selakovic has been a crucial factor in guiding Vegalab towards its goal of producing environmentally safe and sustainable solutions that are based on extensive research and technological innovations. Selakovic has gained an international reputation as futurist and innovator as well as savvy entrepreneur with a sound background in IT. His diverse skill set turned him into an internationally sought after corporate adviser who is passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to others to help them maximize their business results. Selakovic currently lives in Singapore with his wife, Leah Selakovic. Both of them are dedicated philanthropists who support a number of charities in Singapore and on an international level with a special focus on fostering young musicians, medical students and scientists to help them reach their full potential.