Vegalab President David Selakovic Points Out Health Effects of Organic Farming

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A recent study conducted by Newcastle University took a closer look on the impact organically grown crops have on human health compared to conventional crops. According to the study results, the health benefits of organic produce are considerable in that their antioxidant levels are much higher than those of conventional crops, while the pesticide levels are significantly lower. To David Selakovic, President at Vegalab and well-versed expert in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture, the results of the study were no surprise: “Organic farming is not just about producing less pollution, finding environmentally friendly approaches and protecting the ecosystem,” explains Selakovic. “It is just as much about offering high-quality food options for health-conscious consumers.”

According to Carlos Leifert, lead author of the study and Professor of Ecological Agriculture at Newcastle University, organic agriculture achieves exactly that. “It shows very clearly how you grow your food has an impact, and that if you buy organic fruits and vegetables, you can be sure you have, on average, a higher amount of antioxidants at the same calorie level,” says Leifert. Another advantage discovered during the study was a significantly higher level of flavanones, a substance that is thought to lower the risk of strokes.

Organic farming on a large scale is made possible through industry leaders such as Vegalab, a manufacturer of sustainable, all-natural agricultural products based in Geneva, Switzerland, managed by David Selakovic, who has long been a proponent of environmentally friendly production solutions. Vegalab’s portfolio includes organic fertilizers that boost the growth and improve the overall taste of fruits and vegetables without the negative side effects that synthetic fertilizers bring along. With regards to pesticides and insecticides, the development team under Selakovic’s leadership has come up with an array of all-natural solutions to fight pests such as mosquitos or spider mites and treat a variety of plant diseases, amongst them mildew and wilt disease.

David Selakovic’s forward-thinking and can-do attitude has been a major contributor to the Vegalab success story. Selakovic in turn is proud to be part of the state-of-the-art innovations that his company is been developing on an ongoing basis. Selakovic’s reputation as a leading business manager and corporate consultant goes way beyond the agricultural product industry. Thanks to many years of experience in building strong teams, developing cutting-edge strategies and setting up comprehensive business initiatives, he has become an internationally sought after business advisor who genuinely enjoys helping other companies and other managers achieve the same success he has been enjoying with his own business endeavors. While his business for Vegalab is centered around Geneva, Selakovic lives with his wife in Singapore where he has taken on the role as an active philanthropist who supports multiple local and international charities.