Vegalab President David Selakovic Offers Great Advice on Fertilizing Before the Winter

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The start of autumn and cooler weather signals the time for fall fertilization to help keep lawns and plants healthy throughout the winter. By fertilizing in the fall, gardeners can help to strengthen the roots, giving the plants and turf a strong base for future spring growth. David Selakovic, the founder of Vegalab, an international leader in non-toxic, organic horticulture solutions, is offering some key advice on how to prepare the yard for the coming of winter, based on his extensive experience in all-natural and sustainable agriculture.

According to Selakovic, the first thing to consider when it comes to fertilization is the lawn. At the start of September, grass is recovering from the summer and is waking up from its brown, drought-induced dormancy, so fall is the ideal time to boost the nitrogen levels, which help promote blade growth. This is particularly true for cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, which have their prime growing time in the cooler months of fall and spring. Vegalab’s Nitrogen Pro (22-0-0) is a great solution to rejuvenate lawns with its liquid formulation containing a high concentration of nitrogen and micronutrients that quickly assists in the conversion of nitrogen into important bio-compounds that are transported throughout the plant.

Later in the fall — end of October or early November — is the time to build the turf’s roots with phosphorous. Phosphorus Pro (0-29-5), another fertilization product from the Vegalab line, helps to provide essential plant nutrients that maintain proper cellular growth and the integrity of cell walls. By helping roots grow before winter sets in, the lawn will green-up quicker in the spring and will have the strength to be more resistant to disease and draught during the following summer. Turning from the lawn to the plants, it is inevitable that perennials are starting to fade. However, once again the use of Phosphorous Pro (0-29-5) can considerably improve the future of the yard, as the additional phosphorous will help the plants emerge with more flowers in the springtime.

David Selakovic also points out that while all his company’s fertilizer products are derived from natural ingredients and are non-toxic, appropriate land management practices should nevertheless be used at all times with any fertilizer. It is essential to make sure no fertilizers can enter public or private water supplies, including wells, lakes, streams of rivers. With these simple precautions organic fertilizers achieve optimum results with minimal impact on the environment and without causing any harm to farmers or end consumers.

Vegalab and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, where David Selakovic oversees the production site as well as the development labs. The company seeks to encourage symbiotic relationships in agriculture on both the commercial and home scale. Its mission is to boost productivity while decreasing the chemical residue and harmful waste products that can pollute the land and harm people. The company’s products are designed to optimize the world’s resources and to ensure a more efficient, ecologically sound planet for the future. By using the power of nature, they guarantee organic, natural and safe development and production of inexpensive, sustainable, effective and non-toxic fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers.