Vegalab President, David Selakovic, Celebrates Government Award for Korean Vegalab Subsidiary Ecowin

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ecowin CEO and founder, Koo Kyung Bon, was proud to accept an award from South Korea’s Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Yoon Sang Gik, for the company’s achievements and outstanding commitment towards the development of national industry through state-of-the-art technologies. Back in Geneva, Switzerland, David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A., and his team raised their glasses to celebrate the occasion, which took place only two months after Selakovic had announced the acquisition of Ecowin, Asia’s leading manufacturer of organic agricultural products.

As one of Korea’s top 15 green technology institutions, Ecowin has received numerous accolades from the country’s Prime Minister for their natural resource circulation and low-carbon green growth. Introducing eco-friendly biological solutions to replace chemical pesticides, the company has notably contributed to improving the sustainability of the agricultural landscape. After the cooperation between Ecowin and Vegalab on a number of high-profile research projects, the Swiss-based industry leader took over its Korean partner to expand Vegalab’s global positioning. Vegalab S.A. already holds major shares in the organization and starting in March 2015, Ecowin and all associated manufacturing facilities will officially operate as Vegalab’s Global Innovation Center.

Managed by David Selakovic, Vegalab S.A. is a worldwide leading formulator, developer, and manufacturer of environmentally friendly products that are rooted in sustainability. The company pursues a unique approach by steering the agricultural industry away from traditional chemical towards all-natural solutions. Products include organic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, which are developed under Selakovic’s supervision by a team of experienced scientists in the headquarters’ laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland. Together with the North American branch in Wilmington, DE, and multiple distribution partners in Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, Vegalab is persistently striving to realize their vision of creating more efficient, ecologically sound planet for future generations.

“The addition of Ecowin as our new base in Korea allows us to combine the expertise of both our teams to create even more effective solutions and offer innovative products that are tailor-made to the needs of Asian farmers and gardeners,” states Selakovic. Located in Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city, the Global Innovation Center will facilitate more streamlined operations and expedite delivery times for Vegalab customers around the world. “Mr. Koo has been a driving-force in the growth of sustainable agriculture in Korea and I am thrilled that he is now on board of Vegalab to manage our main research and manufacturing base with his outstanding leadership qualities and technological expertise,” says Selakovic.

In his role as Director of Vegalab Ltd. Korea, David Selakovic will oversee the operations at the new location and work alongside CEO Koo Kyung Bon, sharing his extensive experience, while his primary focus will remain on heading the umbrella company in Switzerland. Known for his pioneer spirit, entrepreneurial wisdom, and passion for innovation, Selakovic has an international reputation as a sought-after corporate advisor and business leader who has guided numerous businesses on the path to exceptional success.