Vegalab and David Selakovic Attend Singapore Garden Festival

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND–(Marketwired – Nov 5, 2014) – One of the premier agricultural manufacturing companies in the world was recently at The Singapore Garden Festival in August. David Selakovic, president of Vegalab LLC S.A., appeared at the popular festival to showcase the company’s latest line of products and help develop lasting professional relationships with other key industry players. Selakovic and his company had a booth at The Singapore Garden Festival where they presented their natural line of sustainable fertilizers and pesticides, including their brand-new innovation, Supreme Growers. The festival is one of the elite events on the horticulture calendar each year and the best place for companies to show off their finest products to professional and hobby gardeners.

The formula of Supreme Growers is the result of more than 20 years of gardening expertise and knowledge. Made in the United States, this product was designed for use indoors and outdoors, year-round, and is completely natural, making it a great choice for environmentally aware gardeners. The company also manufactures commercial farming products, but it was their residential line, including Myco Blast, Soil Blast, Larva Control, Kelp Blast, and Super Myco Tea, that caught visitors’ eyes in Singapore. The little miracle packages contain individual 5-gram pods that provide a gallon of high-powered fertilizer by simply adding water and allow gardeners to have a commercial farmer yield that will change the way they look at gardening forever without using any chemicals whatsoever.

This year marked the first time that The Singapore Garden Festival was actually held in a garden. The Gardens by the Bay presented a beautiful backdrop for the show, which featured miniature garden displays, a floral table setting exhibition, and other breathtaking creations from elite garden and floral experts that gave visitors an idea of what their dream garden and landscaping could look like. David Selakovic was on hand to show the festival guests how to select the right Vegalab products and how beneficial these can be for their home gardens.

Considered the global leader in manufacturing and formulating agricultural products that are sustainable, Vegalab LLC, is committed to producing eco-safe, all-natural products that are designed with the environment in mind. When applying Supreme Growers products, users can expect to see advancement and rapid growth on their property while at the same time achieving reduced residue on crops and a decreased chemical footprint left on the earth, as well as an increase in the productivity of plant and vegetable growth.

David Selakovic founded all-in-one business solutions provider Selacorp after decades of experience in the information technology business and as a software developer. Selakovic envisioned being able to provide businesses with premier solutions to all their problems, as well as help them to protect their assets and innovations. During his career, he has developed a reputation for being a highly impactful business leader, as well as a corporate consultant that has worked in countries around the world before settling down in Singapore with his wife and kids. His work with Vegalab allows him to contribute to follow one of his persona goals — finding sustainable solutions that have a global impact. He has received high praise in his role as the company’s president and is credited with helping the company continue to evolve.