Urban Farmers Turn to David Selakovic for Advice on Vegalab Fertilizers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There has been an exploding worldwide trend of city dwellers growing their own crops – tomatoes, lettuce, corn, peas – anywhere the space will allow, from rooftops and vacant lots to clever trellis and bed designs. This burning interest in urban farming has come from increased attention to trustable, minimally processed pure food and a desire to live in greater harmony with the land. That spirit fits perfectly with David Selakovic’s company, Vegalab, so it is no surprise he is a frequent advisor to urban farming groups.

“Vegalab’s fertilizer preparations are ideal for an urban garden setting because they’re entirely non-toxic and well-suited for small-scale use,” says David Selakovic, president of Vegalab. “We manufacture twenty-five different preparations each designed for particular needs, whether it’s boosting growth, providing protection from low temperatures, increasing fruit production, creating vibrant flowers, and so forth. I love to encourage the new urban pioneers who are producing their own rooftop food – there is nothing you can’t grow with the help of our fertilizers and years of applied research.”

Gardeners are encouraged to visit the Vegalab website to take a look at the wide range of fertilizer preparations, their advised use and further technical details. Founded based on a commitment to non-toxic, safe, sustainable and symbiotic gardening processes, company’s propriety micronization technology works to enhance the base organic compounds that fight pests and disease. Their fertilizer preparations use safe organic minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that are proven to be key additives for healthy plant growth. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the human population will grow from its current seven billion to nearly ten billion, with nearly 80% of the earth’s population living in urban centers. Currently, around the globe, over 80% of the land that is suitable for raising crops is already in use and, to compound the problem, about 15% of that land is being destroyed by poor farming practices. Looking at the equation, it becomes alarmingly obvious that food production needs to evolve into the cities, growing vertically and utilizing every square foot of land available. And with that density of space and proximity to people, toxic chemicals traditionally used on farms will have to be replaced with safer alternatives. Companies like Vegalab will be even more in demand as urban farming develops from a hobby into a necessity.

David Selakovic is a businesses leader and avid investor with an aim towards making the world a better place. His role as president of Vegalab is just one example of this. Driven by his passion for nature and efficiency, David has been working to help the world’s agriculture – on both, a commercial and home scale – break its dependence on dangerous chemical compounds and environmentally destructive practices. David often says his motto is the one that guided Abraham Lincoln – “Ability may get you to the top, but it’s character that will keep you there.” Just as his business reflects that, so do his wide-ranging philanthropic efforts and non-profit work.