Selacorp Founder David Selakovic Shares Valuable Tips About Enterprise Mobility

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – The long-anticipated release of the iPhone 6 or the endless lines in front of electronic stores when the Surface Pro 3 hit the market are clear indicators for the increasingly important role that mobile devices in general, and smartphones in particular, play in our everyday lives. The usage of these gadgets is by no means limited to playing games anymore, they are now commonly used for work purposes by employees all over the world. And while end users enjoy the comfort of completing a plethora of tasks from their phones and tablets, companies are faced with the challenge of resolving technical hiccups as well as security and governance issues. David Selakovic, founder and Managing Director of Selacorp, knows how tricky this can be for enterprises that are not anchored in the IT industry and is now offering extensive enterprise mobility guidance for his clients.

Currently, 1 billion people around the world are using smartphones, the majority of which uses their device for work purposes. According to IBM Research, employee productivity increases by 45% when mobile apps are being used, so employers understandably are happy about the positive impact on their business. At the same time they are facing challenges that come with the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement, ranging from guaranteeing secure connections between employees, partners and customers, to integrating legacy applications. “Looking at the long list of requirements to ensure safe enterprise mobility can be daunting,” says David Selakovic. “But thanks to my highly competent and experienced Selacorp team, clients can rest easy, knowing that we will take care of everything.”

Selakovic reveals some basic tips every company should consider when dealing with enterprise mobility. To start with a general mobility strategy is necessary to determine the business object that is the driving force for enterprise mobility. The next important step is finding a safe service provider that takes care of platforms and operating systems and to establishing the right balance between IT control and business freedom. All this can be easily solved with the help of an enterprise mobility partner, such as Selacorp, that supports clients from setting up an optimized BYOD strategy to its implementation.

David Selakovic founded Selacorp, an all-in-one business solutions provider, based on his decades of experience as an information technology expert and software developer. It has always been his vision to provide premier solutions for clients, cover all their business needs and help them to manage their innovations and assets, a vision he realized with the launch of Selacorp. Selakovic has made himself a name as an impactful business leader and cutting-edge corporate consultant who has been working in various countries around the world before settling in Singapore with his wife Leah. His goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of others and to do his part to shape the future of the world at large. Selakovic does that through commendable business practices and policies as well as through his engagement in various philanthropic causes and charities.