Selacorp CEO David Selakovic Offers Premier Software Consulting Services

SINGAPORE – Business owners in need of software solutions oftentimes find themselves faced with a plethora of options. The list of manufacturers, vendors and variations on enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be overwhelming, not to mention the customization and integration into the company-specific sales process. As if that was not enough, they have to consider suitable eCommerce platforms, cloud computing or intranet applications. And of course, the obvious and often most paralyzing aspect of all — decisions made today will impact the IT infrastructure well into the future. This is why an increasing number of companies turn to David Selakovic and his company Selacorp, an international provider of customized business solutions, to help them with the selection and implementation process.

Selacorp works with a wide range of businesses across all industries to help them in their software selection and deployment. The process begins with a close analysis of the respective organization to analyze its workflow and discover and define its specific needs. Great attention is paid to existing software solutions to understand their context and interrelationships. This in turn helps to define selection criteria by means of which different products and vendors are evaluated. Selakovic’s expert team works hard to ensure that each and every client arrives at the most appropriate, cost-effective and business-efficient solution for their specific needs, whether it is commercial products like SharePoint or Microsoft CRM or Open Source products such as SugarCRM, Drupal CMS, Salesforce CRM or Ruby on Rails. As deployment begins, they assist vendors throughout the entire process and help manage the user adoption phase to make sure that humans and machines work together seamlessly.

“Our clients are experts in their respective fields, and we are experts in our domain,” explains David Selakovic. “The range of available business software options can seem infinite at times, and the implementation and integration processes are really where ‘the rubber meets the road,’ so to speak. By applying our many years of combined experience in addition to our IT expertise and our own entrepreneurial ethos, we can help companies thrive with the most productive, modern software solutions available on the market today.”

Operating in a global context, Selacorp is an expert in utilizing a great variety of resources, innovations, strategies and products to assist their clientele in furthering their businesses. Unique company requirements and cultures are integrated into the planning to ensure the highest productivity and competency is achieved. The company’s services include training, supply chain management, financing solutions, marketing tools innovations for OEM, intellectual asset management, contracts and subcontracts, procurement, outsourcing, government tenders and IT equipment.

David Selakovic is a business leader, avid investor and sought-after consultant with extensive experience in the corporate world. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore. Whether he is expanding his own portfolio of business ventures, assisting in the launch of new companies or developing innovative, profitable business lines, David is constantly creating and building. His passion for business is driven by a desire to inspire others and help grow their entrepreneurial spirit.