Selacorp CEO David Selakovic Established Extensive Affiliate Program with Major Companies

SINGAPORE – Year 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of affiliate marketing, a performance-based Internet marketing method that has shaped the World Wide Web for the last two decades. In 1994, William Tobin of PC Flowers & Gifts started using technology for affiliate marketing in the United States. Together with IBM he launched a beta version of PC Flowers & Gifts on the Internet, followed by a commercial version for which he filed a patent application in 1996. In the same year, Amazon kick-started an affiliate marketing program that today is regarded as one of the biggest and most popular programs of its kind and has played a significant role in validating and expanding the industry as a whole.

With the expansion came tighter regulations that gave the method integrity and encouraged big brands to jump on board. At the same time the increasing prevalence of affiliate marketing programs created a need for structured management of those programs. This is where the industry shows an obvious gap of training and expertise though. According to recent estimates in the UK and Northern Ireland, more than half of affiliate marketers never received any industry-related training or education. Consequently businesses that recognize the need for a competent and trustworthy partner turn to professional consultant companies that can offer complete business solution with the appropriate level of expertise, such as Selacorp, owned and managed by David Selakovic, a market leader in the field of corporate consultation with all its facets.

Selacorp runs an affiliate program with strong ties to major IT manufacturers around the world along with their biggest distributors, which creates a unique advantage for the company’s clients, explains CEO David Selakovic proudly. Partners include leading providers of IT products, such as HP, IBM, Intel, Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung. Thanks to these fruitful partnerships, Selacorp can offer holistic solutions and advises clients which hardware and software components to utilize, ensuring that the respective business needs are met. Selakovic believes in three key qualities that he and his team strive to achieve for each and every client: strategic, innovative and dynamic. Based on these core values, Selacorp is setting the stage for a new global market and with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom, solutions can easily be adapted to the respective target market.

Selacorp was founded by David Selakovic, who built the company on the backbone of his extensive experience in the fields of IT development and software architecture. Selakovic was born and raised in Slovenia and now lives with his wife, Leah Selakovic, and their two little kids in Singapore, from where he manages his brainchild, Selacorp. Guided by his passion to explore new and innovative technologies and ways of successfully and efficiently incorporating them in everyday business, he launched Selacorp with the goal to not only apply these principles to his own company, but also help other business benefit from his expertise and experience. Enabled by his IT background and supported by his highly qualified team, Selakovic quickly turned the company into a success story that has gained an international reputation for its outstanding services.