IT Expert David Selakovic Shares Industry’s Best Practice Tips

SINGAPORE – As information technology becomes increasingly more complex and interdependent, managing and securing computing infrastructures becomes more critical. Businesses have long adopted standardized best practices, which give them an industry-proven means to protect their systems and ensure smooth functioning. Individuals need to be equally aware and diligent in maintaining their own computers. Security risks abound, but there are a few “best practices” that, if adopted at home, can help to minimize those risks. Information technology expert David Selakovic, CEO and founder of Selacorp, an international IT consulting firm, has outlined some essential routines that have the potential to save many headaches.

“Security always needs to be paramount,” said David Selakovic, CEO and founder of Selacorp. “One of the most important attitudes to assume is that anything that can have a password applied to it should. Turn them all on. This is not simply paranoia. People with home routers, VPN’s and devices like wireless printers should be aware that these can be increasingly accessed by unauthorized users. So many people literally never change their factory-installed password, which allows hackers potential access to hundreds of thousands of home systems. As devices evolve and become more networked, this risk will only increase.”

Hand in hand with that foundational mindset come other security-related best practices. Individuals are advised to use different passwords for different applications – one for banking, one for social networks, one for news sites, one ‘throwaway’ password that you would not care if someone cracked for low-level blogs or other sites that require a password but can cause no grave loss to the user if stolen. Use at least eight characters, upper and lowercase, with numbers and symbols. And change those passwords often. Just as home safety experts recommend changing smoke detector batteries twice a year when we reset the clocks, that is also a great trigger for remembering to change passwords. Always take time to install patches and software updates. Everyone knows these can be a hassle, but with new security holes being discovered constantly, one never knows which update will be the one that keeps you safe. Learn to schedule them while away from the machine, such as taking a shower or going for a walk so that they’re less of a bother. Regular backups have been a mantra for decades of course, but how many consumers know that both Windows and Mac operating systems include built-in desktop firewalls? Firewalls are an effective tool to prevent outside access but they are rarely turned on by home computer users. By incorporating just these few simple tips, most people will exponentially improve their personal IT security level.

Global entrepreneur David Selakovic was born and raised in Slovenia and today manages his multiple businesses in Singapore, Switzerland and London. His Singapore-based Selacorp explores new technological innovations and how to effectively incorporate them into business, with a broad reach into the technology, chemical, medical, energy and marketing industries. With his extensive background in finance information technology, David has emerged as a much sought-after international business consultant. He lives in Singapore with his wife and two children, and he makes an active effort to support local and global philanthropic causes whenever possible. His limited free time is spent in the pursuit of interests in sailing, photography, classical art and extreme sports.