Selacorp’s Advice Services and David Selakovic Promote Corporate Philanthropy

SINGAPORE – A recent article in the Wall Street Journal advised that now would be a great time to open a donor-advised fund (DAF) for charitably-minded investors to make use of the tax benefits while helping others. DAFs would allow investors to put money into a fund at any given time throughout the tax year and receive an immediate tax deduction, but postpone the actual donation until they decide which charity or cause to support. According to a recent survey by National Philanthropic Trust, more than 200,000 donors in the United States currently have such accounts – and this number is growing. In the last fiscal year alone, which ended on June 30, contributions through DAFs amounted to no less than $7.4 billion.

Individuals can benefit from these tax exemptions as well as companies, which is why David Selakovic, owner and Managing Director of Selacorp, has decided to make use of the DAF system: “This program is a very important part of our firm’s goal to exercise philanthropy and expand our services to a number of nonprofit organizations. In the last few years, we have contributed a considerable amount of money and through our expansion, we have further reinforced our commitment to serving others by providing financial advice and solutions to these organizations and charities.”

Donations made by Selacorp and its partners are especially focused at programs that create and support educational opportunities, explains David Selakovic. Through these contributions he hopes to help students from low-income families achieve their full potential without worrying about financial limitations. Money that is given towards such programs is used for after-school programs, scholarships, and cultural and educational programming for students all over the world.

Selacorp is helping its clients around the globe with strategic IT resources utilization and intellectual asset management. The leading company, which is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in London, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, is known for its holistic business solutions in the fields of technology, research, and innovation with three main pillars in mind: strategy, innovation, and dynamics. Thanks to Selakovic’s extensive experience and skills as a software architect and IT developer, he and his team are experts in developing comprehensive approaches that take a multitude of different strategies and concepts into consideration in order to find a perfect, custom-made solution for each and every client.

David Selakovic’s vision is using his business to make a difference, through optimized solutions for his clients and through philanthropic efforts to support his community and those in need. Over the years, Selakovic has built himself an international reputation as a successful manager, business leader, investor and corporate adviser following this vision. Thankful for his success, he considers it his social responsibility to contribute to the growth and improvement of the world at large, following his favorite quote by Abraham Lincoln: “Ability may get you to the top, but it’s character that will keep you there”.