David Selakovic, Selacorp’s CEO, Attends Disrupt NY

NEW YORK – Over the course of three days, startups, speakers, and tech enthusiasts converged at the Manhattan Center in New York City for the annual TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference. This year’s event featured several iconic entrepreneurs such as Aaron Levie (Box), Jennifer Hyman (Rent the Runway), and Alexis Ohanian (Reddit).  These game changers engaged in a series of intimate, exploratory conversations called “Fireside Chats,” which offer an opportunity for a more in depth look into their work and ideas.

Hundreds of hopeful new tech companies from around the world also gathered to show off their work. Disrupt conferences are the perfect place to launch a venture, gain attention, and attract funding. David Selakovic, serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies including Selacorp and Vegalab, attended Disrupt NY again this year, this time looking for interesting startups. Having built his first company, Selacorp, from an idea and passion for tech, Selakovic understands the importance of attracting external equity to help bring an innovative business idea to life. Last year, two American startups in the Internet industry caught his eye, and one Chinese startup in the mobile telecom industry. The three key criteria he looks for when investing in a startup are if there’s a problem or void in the market, if the market is large enough to reach the sales number he has in mind, and how strong the team is—with particular emphasis on domain experts and technical cofounders.

Regarding the startups showcased at Disrupt NY, Selakovic answers, “There were several standouts this year, but my personal favorites were Phind and Somabar.” Phind is an app that describes itself as a Shazam for places: the user takes a photo, Phind identifies the image and brings up information about the place such as tips, photos, and things to do near the location. Somabar is a countertop appliance that is like a Keurig for cocktails. It’s Wi-Fi connected and promises to concoct a drink in five seconds after the user selects a custom-made drink via an app.

David Selakovic is a highly impactful business leader and avid investor with a consistent record of building successful companies, creating high performance teams, and developing innovative strategic and tactile business initiatives for small to large corporations. One of his biggest success stories to date is Selacorp, which he built on the backbone of his experience in finance and his expertise an as information technology software architect and developer. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore. In addition to successfully running Selacorp as well as several other high-profile companies within the information technology, chemical, medical, energy, and marketing industries, David Selakovic is also a highly sought-after corporate adviser.