David Selakovic and Selacorp Invest in The Power of Female Entrepreneurs

SINGAPORE – In April, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published guidelines that aim at supporting female entrepreneurs by providing them with information and communication technology in form of a paper entitled “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Information and Communications Technologies: A Practical Guide”. In a statement Anne Miroux, UNCTAD Director of the Technology and Logistics Division said: “There is a need for more effective policies and programs to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries so that they can seize the emerging opportunities made by ICTs. There is also the need for greater skills and capacity development for women entrepreneurs.” The UNCTAD suggests that women are facing more challenges than men in four main areas, namely with regards to access to financing, physical mobility, time constraints and access to education.

While the efforts by the UN body towards creating a legal and regulatory framework in order to enable women – especially in developing countries – to take on a more significant role in the business world is an important step, guidelines alone will not be enough. This is why Selacorp volunteered to develop an initiative that supports underserved female entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with access to education, information and training to excel in the industry of their choice. In order to achieve this goal, Selacorp, led by Founder and Managing Director David Selakovic, is cooperating with numerous nonprofit and educational institutions. Together they focus on teaching and mentoring the program participants to lay the groundwork for their future success as entrepreneurs. Topics cover, amongst others, marketing, business planning, capital acquisition and accounting.

“Selacorp invests not in business but in the power of these female entrepreneurs. This is a proactive and effective way in which we can help in reducing issues of inequality while facilitating economic growth. We believe that education is key to ensure sustainability and competitiveness, increasing productivity and developing women to understand their goals as entrepreneurs, as women, mothers, or partners.” explains David Selakovic. He is proud that Selacorp, a leading global company specializing in strategic IT resources and intellectual asset management, has launched and maintained numerous initiatives over the years that aim at empowering women and ultimately at contributing to a fairer and more sustainable global society.

David Dragan Selakovic is a highly impactful business leader and avid investor with a consistent record of building successful companies, creating high performance teams, and developing innovative strategic and tactile business initiatives for small to large corporations. One of his biggest success stories to date is Selacorp, which he built on the backbone of his experience in finance and his expertise as an information technology software architect and developer. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore. In addition to successfully running Selacorp as well as several other high-profile companies within the information technology, chemical, medical, energy and marketing industries, David Selakovic is also a highly sought-after corporate adviser. In his rare free time, David likes to explore his personal interests in photography, sailing, classical art, racing cars, and participating in extreme sports and is also and active supporter of a network of charities that reflect his personal core values.