Singapore Airlines in Talks to Reclaim Title of World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines is in discussions with Airbus and Boeing to revive its 19 hour flight from Singapore to New York, according to Bloomberg. To frequent flyers between the two cities like David Selakovic, this is news to look forward to.

When it was offered, this 9,000 nautical mile direct flight between Newark Liberty International Airport and Changi Airport was the longest commercial flight in the world. The carrier discontinued its nonstop service between Singapore and New York back in 2013 because it was not profitable. After this change, the trip became five hours longer for passengers. Currently, a stopover in Frankfurt is required for passengers flying between the two cities.

The original 19 hour flight first took off in June 2004 with 181 business and economy class seats on the A340 aircraft. In 2008, it was converted to an all business class configuration, reducing its passenger limit to 100. With the rising cost of fuel, continuing to fly the ultra long haul flight proved to be uneconomical. The plane burned a lot of fuel, but carried too few passengers. Richard Aboulafia, an analyst at aerospace consultant Teal Group, said that using a twin-engine plane would be more economical as they are made for the long haul. The A340 had four engines, and was too costly to sustain for the nonstop route.

“I found the direct route from Changi to Newark to be very efficient,” says Selakovic, who makes the journey between Singapore and New York monthly, “Newark is a much easier airport to navigate compared to JFK. I will be the first to purchase a ticket if they are able to come up with the technology for a profitable nonstop flight.” After the direct flight retired, Selakovic is one of many that has no other choice but to stopover in Frankfurt. For business travelers, longer journeys could result in reduced productivity and complicate adjustment to time changes.

Singapore Airlines was named second best airline in the world, after Qatar Airways, in the annual Airline of the Year award by Skytrax. The carrier is also trying to increase partnerships with other airlines and develop hubs abroad to get a wider network connectivity.

David Selakovic Pays Tribute to Satoru Iwata

Nintendo announced Satoru Iwata’s passing last week, news that was met with an outpouring of mourning and loss around the world. Thousands of admirers and business associates gathered in Kyoto to pay respects during a two-day funeral service. David Selakovic, creator of Mindtrap, was one of many in the gaming community who Iwata had an influence on.

For video game enthusiasts, Iwata was more revolutionary than even Steve Jobs. Iwata was a visionary president who led the company with sheer creative energy and a love of fun. Under Iwata’s leadership, Nintendo grew to be the largest video games company in the world by revenue. Its success was not built on a traditional corporate approach or clever marketing campaigns, but instead by Iwata’s genuine passion for video games. His predecessor, Hiroshi Yamauchi, famously never played video games. Iwata was the exact opposite. One of his best known quotes captures why gamers across the world are mourning the death of Nintendo’s president. He once told the Games Developers’ Conference, “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a computer programmer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” This declaration, along with his obvious love of the form, endeared Iwata to many gamers. He was personable and truly wanted to share the joy of gaming with everyone.

Iwata began his career as a programmer at HAL Laboratory, a subsidiary of Nintendo. He helped create many of HAL’s most important titles, such as Kirby’s Dream Land. In 2000, Yamauchi asked Iwata to join Nintendo as head of its corporate-planning division. Just two years later, he was picked to succeed as the fourth president of the company, the first to not come from the Yamauchi family.

To game developers like Selakovic, Iwata was a legend who shaped his childhood and influenced his work.  “My teenage years were filled with playing Balloon Fight. I camped out for the launch of the DS and then again for the Wii. Iwata’s innovations connected with the gamer in all of us, no matter what age.”

Nintendo and the world of gaming have lost a rare talent, a charismatic man who led the company with enthusiasm and genius innovation. Iwata was known to those in the gaming community as a passionate creative force with an ability to make anyone smile. His perspective on the role of games will be immortalized: “Video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone.”

Selacorp’s Founder, David Selakovic, Advocates for a Carbon-Free Future

SINGAPORE – Earlier this month, President Obama introduced the Environmental Protection Agency plan, which aims at reducing carbon pollution in order to fight climate change. According to the Wall Street Journal, the EPA will set new limits on carbon dioxide pollution from existing power plants. The ultimate goal is to cut emission by 30 percent within the next 15 years. Considering the undeniable negative effects that high carbon dioxide emissions have on the environment, the new regulations are definitely a step in the right direction. To achieve a long-term and sustainable solution, it will be necessary to raise more awareness though, not only among power plants, but other business owners as well.

Every company, small or large, leaves a carbon footprint and it is up to the individual companies to act responsibly and keep that footprint as small as possible. A leading consulting company, Selacorp, is aware of both, the need to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses as well as the problems many company owners have in developing an eco-friendly and efficient business plan. For this reason, Selacorp has been focusing on providing tailor-made solutions that are environmentally aware, but at the same time affordable. “We try to execute that trend by inspiring our clients to adopt similar innovations or by finding clients that are already pushing innovative green technologies forth. We are all interested in top quality innovations but the more important question to ask is how these innovations are going to address environmental safety,” explains David Selakovic, Selacorp’s CEO.

Selacorp does its part by keeping up with state-of-the-art innovations that foster sustainability and reduce energy consumption. Based on the size, industry and business goal of their clients, Selacorp makes investment suggestions and advises on the implementation of green technologies in everyday business operations that are environmentally aware and safe. As a consulting company with many years of experience in the market, Selacorp has a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs and the various options how those goals can be met. Selacorp was founded by David Selakovic and is a leading global company that offers specialized strategic IT resources and assists clients with the management of intellectual assets. Selacorp is striving for complete and holistic business solutions in the fields of technology, research and innovation.

The company was built on David Selakovic’s expertise as an information technology software architect and developer. The Slovenian native, who nowadays resides in Singapore, has made himself a name as an impactful business leader and investor on the European, American and Asian markets. Thanks to his many years of experience in creating successful companies, assembling motivated teams, and developing innovative strategies, Selakovic has become a highly sought after business advisor. David has always been interested in seeking out innovative technologies that enable companies to operate environmentally responsible. Through his consulting services he is striving to carry this message to others, and to inspire his clients and competitors alike to develop sustainable and eco-friendly business plans in order to work together to the mutual goal of a carbon-free future.

Vegalab Develops New Fungicide Formulation

Vegalab Mildew Control David Selakovic

GENEVA – Vegalab, a leading manufacturer and formulator of sustainable, environmentally responsible agricultural products, has announced the reformulation of one of their most popular fungicides, Mildew Control. Subtle improvements were made to the formula to increase efficacy; the possibility of causing phytotoxicity to the flowers of strawberries is no longer a concern.

Powdery mildew is a problem often found on strawberry plants. If left unchecked, it can cause leaves to turn yellow, which will soon lead to them dying and falling off. After this happens, the fruit is exposed to sunburn and the crops will be unmarketable, which presents a huge problem to farmers.

Mildew Control is an all-natural fungicide composed of plant extracts that is effective against downy mildew, powdery mildew, and other mildew diseases. These mildews are harmful to plants and known to significantly reduce crop yields. It has a two-fold effect on crops: prevention and healing. It retards spore germination, germ tube growth, and destroys pathogen cells.

Mildew Control uses natural extracts of geranium plants as the active ingredient to reach the highest level of efficacy, while greatly reducing the environmental impact of using the product. Thymol, a naturally occurring biocide, creates a protective film over the plant cuticle, leaving the tissue intact. It prevents pathogen spores from attaching to the cell, developing further, and causing damage to the plant and fruit. Fungal growth cycles begin with spore germination at the plant surface. After attaching to the surface, germ tubes begin to grow, feeding off of nutrients from the plant cell. In order to interrupt this cycle, thymol is used.

Vegalab S.A is a worldwide leading formulator, developer, and manufacturer of environmentally friendly products that are rooted in sustainability. Managed by David Selakovic, the company pursues a unique approach by steering the agricultural industry away from traditional chemicals and towards all-natural solutions. Products include organic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, which are developed under Selakovic’s supervision by a team of experienced scientists in the headquarters’ laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland. Vegalab is dedicated to creating an efficient, ecologically sound planet for future generations.

Selacorp’s David Selakovic on Singapore’s Startup Scene

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SVCA) reported that Indonesia and Malaysia saw a growing number of venture capital deals in the first quarter of 2015. Analysts cite a rising middle class as the key reason for increased investor interest. Analysts also point out that Singapore’s infrastructure and support network for startups will continue to set it apart from its Southeast Asian peers.

There are several Singaporean government initiatives that spur innovation and entrepreneurship in such as MDA i.Jam, which provides fund matching up to SGD $100,000 by founders or incubators, and National Research Fund Technology Incubation Scheme, which co-invests up to 85% of the investment by a recommended incubator. Apart from giving grants, the government has also focused on building the environment and ecosystem for entrepreneurs to blossom and succeed by creating Block projects. Block projects are physical infrastructures for entrepreneurs and start up support services to co-exist; think of it like a connected college campus where everything you need to build your company is within a few steps and the rental rate for space is offered at a deep discount.

Compared to Silicon Valley, the Singaporean government has played a relatively big role to instill entrepreneurship. “The government in Singapore is so progressive and entrepreneurial, it really demonstrates enthusiasm and excitement in everything it is involved in, including startups,” says Selacorp’s managing director David Selakovic. “I’ve been a citizen here for over 15 years and have lived in various cities throughout my life; I think Singapore is the best run government in the world.”

However, some argue that Singapore’s startup scene is overrated and that the local media has made an art out of proclaiming that Singapore is the best in everything, even when that is not necessarily the case. Yes, it’s a top financial center. Yes, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. All the positive things the media put out often hides the country’s weaknesses. It’s a tiny market that’s at odds with the region. The cost of doing business in Singapore is very expensive—it’s not uncommon for Singaporean companies to hire talent from other regions where cost of living is not as high.

There is no doubt that Singapore’s government, infrastructure, intellectual capital, and reputation are at the top of the world. Without these competitive advantages, the economy and market would not be as favorable. As proven in similar situations in the past, it was necessary for the government to jump in and garner startup attention. Governments often have to compete with each other for venture capital, and Singapore clearly understands that. Its relatively corruption-free governance attracts investors and talent into the region.

“One weakness of Singapore is that the local market is just too small. It’s a great testing ground to prove your startup model and raise funds due to the wide availability of venture capital funding here, but after you succeed at that the only way to grow is to expand to countries where you will find the demand,” Selakovic says.

David Selakovic, Selacorp’s CEO, Attends Disrupt NY

NEW YORK – Over the course of three days, startups, speakers, and tech enthusiasts converged at the Manhattan Center in New York City for the annual TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference. This year’s event featured several iconic entrepreneurs such as Aaron Levie (Box), Jennifer Hyman (Rent the Runway), and Alexis Ohanian (Reddit).  These game changers engaged in a series of intimate, exploratory conversations called “Fireside Chats,” which offer an opportunity for a more in depth look into their work and ideas.

Hundreds of hopeful new tech companies from around the world also gathered to show off their work. Disrupt conferences are the perfect place to launch a venture, gain attention, and attract funding. David Selakovic, serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies including Selacorp and Vegalab, attended Disrupt NY again this year, this time looking for interesting startups. Having built his first company, Selacorp, from an idea and passion for tech, Selakovic understands the importance of attracting external equity to help bring an innovative business idea to life. Last year, two American startups in the Internet industry caught his eye, and one Chinese startup in the mobile telecom industry. The three key criteria he looks for when investing in a startup are if there’s a problem or void in the market, if the market is large enough to reach the sales number he has in mind, and how strong the team is—with particular emphasis on domain experts and technical cofounders.

Regarding the startups showcased at Disrupt NY, Selakovic answers, “There were several standouts this year, but my personal favorites were Phind and Somabar.” Phind is an app that describes itself as a Shazam for places: the user takes a photo, Phind identifies the image and brings up information about the place such as tips, photos, and things to do near the location. Somabar is a countertop appliance that is like a Keurig for cocktails. It’s Wi-Fi connected and promises to concoct a drink in five seconds after the user selects a custom-made drink via an app.

David Selakovic is a highly impactful business leader and avid investor with a consistent record of building successful companies, creating high performance teams, and developing innovative strategic and tactile business initiatives for small to large corporations. One of his biggest success stories to date is Selacorp, which he built on the backbone of his experience in finance and his expertise an as information technology software architect and developer. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore. In addition to successfully running Selacorp as well as several other high-profile companies within the information technology, chemical, medical, energy, and marketing industries, David Selakovic is also a highly sought-after corporate adviser.

Korean Government Program Supports Vegalab’s Research and Development

SEOUL, South Korea – Vegalab announced the acquisition of Ecowin, a Korea based biopesticide company, in August of last year. As part of the acquisition, Ecowin rebranded itself as Vegalab, with Kyung Bon Koo continuing his role as CEO for the company’s Korea operations. David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A., will work alongside Koo and oversee developments at the new location.

Koo founded Ecowin in 2008 to great fanfare; the company won the top award in Korea’s new business competition shortly after it was established. It quickly built success with all-natural biopesticides, which are safer for the environment than conventional chemical pesticides.

Ecowin’s bestselling product is live beneficial nematodes, measuring at just 1mm long each in size. These nematodes enter into pests and eject symbiotic bacteria to kill them within 24-48 hours without harming the environment.  At a price of 20% less than competitive products, Ecowin’s nematodes are not only immensely popular in Korea; they are also exported to the United States, Africa, South America, China and Southeast Asia.

The global biopesticide market reached $3.6B in 2014, and is expected to grow to $6.9B by 2019. Due to this growing market, governments are implementing stricter regulations on what products qualify as biopesticides; Korea recently increased their list of restricted chemicals in residue from 240 to 330. Vegalab actively works with government associations to ensure their products continue to deliver high efficacy results while following regulations for all-natural biopesticides.

Korea provides national research and development subsidy programs to promising companies, the most revered one being the National Intellectual Properties and R&D Strategy Supporting Program (IP-R&D). “I found out about IP-R&D the first time in 2013 through a national intellectual properties analysis agency. They were providing us with patent analysis for potential countries we wanted to export our products to. We joined the subsidy program to increase visibility on our patents and develop future R&D ideas,” says Koo.

Because of the national IP-R&D program, Ecowin was able to export its live nematodes and other biopesticides additional countries around the world, effectively doubling overseas sales. Using the government subsidy, they were able to develop a culturing device for live nematodes, which allows them to produce their product at a higher capacity than before.

“We’re very excited the opportunities this acquisition has created for us, and we are looking forward to continued growth as Vegalab,” Koo says, “knowing the Korean government supports our research and development makes us work even harder to become one of the leading biopesticide companies in the world.”

About Vegalab Company

Vegalab S.A. is a worldwide leading formulator, developer, and manufacturer of environmentally friendly products that are rooted in sustainability. Managed by David Selakovic, the company pursues a unique approach by steering the agricultural industry away from traditional chemicals and towards all-natural solutions. Products include organic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, which are developed under Selakovic’s supervision by a team of experienced scientists in the headquarters’ laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland.  Vegalab is dedicated to creating an efficient, ecologically sound planet for future generations.

Vegalab President, David Selakovic, Celebrates Government Award for Korean Vegalab Subsidiary Ecowin

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ecowin CEO and founder, Koo Kyung Bon, was proud to accept an award from South Korea’s Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Yoon Sang Gik, for the company’s achievements and outstanding commitment towards the development of national industry through state-of-the-art technologies. Back in Geneva, Switzerland, David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A., and his team raised their glasses to celebrate the occasion, which took place only two months after Selakovic had announced the acquisition of Ecowin, Asia’s leading manufacturer of organic agricultural products.

As one of Korea’s top 15 green technology institutions, Ecowin has received numerous accolades from the country’s Prime Minister for their natural resource circulation and low-carbon green growth. Introducing eco-friendly biological solutions to replace chemical pesticides, the company has notably contributed to improving the sustainability of the agricultural landscape. After the cooperation between Ecowin and Vegalab on a number of high-profile research projects, the Swiss-based industry leader took over its Korean partner to expand Vegalab’s global positioning. Vegalab S.A. already holds major shares in the organization and starting in March 2015, Ecowin and all associated manufacturing facilities will officially operate as Vegalab’s Global Innovation Center.

Managed by David Selakovic, Vegalab S.A. is a worldwide leading formulator, developer, and manufacturer of environmentally friendly products that are rooted in sustainability. The company pursues a unique approach by steering the agricultural industry away from traditional chemical towards all-natural solutions. Products include organic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, which are developed under Selakovic’s supervision by a team of experienced scientists in the headquarters’ laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland. Together with the North American branch in Wilmington, DE, and multiple distribution partners in Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, Vegalab is persistently striving to realize their vision of creating more efficient, ecologically sound planet for future generations.

“The addition of Ecowin as our new base in Korea allows us to combine the expertise of both our teams to create even more effective solutions and offer innovative products that are tailor-made to the needs of Asian farmers and gardeners,” states Selakovic. Located in Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city, the Global Innovation Center will facilitate more streamlined operations and expedite delivery times for Vegalab customers around the world. “Mr. Koo has been a driving-force in the growth of sustainable agriculture in Korea and I am thrilled that he is now on board of Vegalab to manage our main research and manufacturing base with his outstanding leadership qualities and technological expertise,” says Selakovic.

In his role as Director of Vegalab Ltd. Korea, David Selakovic will oversee the operations at the new location and work alongside CEO Koo Kyung Bon, sharing his extensive experience, while his primary focus will remain on heading the umbrella company in Switzerland. Known for his pioneer spirit, entrepreneurial wisdom, and passion for innovation, Selakovic has an international reputation as a sought-after corporate advisor and business leader who has guided numerous businesses on the path to exceptional success.

Company President David Selakovic Announces Vegalab Expansion Into California Market

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –  Vegalab, an international leader in non-toxic, organic horticulture solutions, has announced that with the successful conclusion of several on-site trials this fall, they are officially entering the California market. The Switzerland-based company managed by President, David Selakovic, offers a wide variety of agricultural products for home and commercial gardeners designed to both, boost harvests and fight pests and disease. The company’s all-natural fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers deliver excellent results without any harmful chemicals or toxic residue.

In September 2014, Vegalab launched a series of fungicide and pesticide trials under Selakovic’s supervision in different areas across California. Crops including avocado, cucumber, organic and conventional strawberries and ornamental plants were treated for a variety of infections. Vegalab’s scientists observed that the applications were not only effective at combatting the conditions, but in many instances the products created long-term residual effects after the first application, sometimes maintaining their effectiveness and not needing a second application. The trials tested Vegalab’s all-natural line of fungicide and pesticide solutions called Mildew Control, Spore Control, and Spider Mite Control. The active ingredient in Mildew Control is geraniol, extracted from geranium plants, which provides potent results without negative environmental impact. Spore Control uses thymol, which is derived from thyme plants. Spider Mite Control is produced from a combination of natural cottonseed extracts, rosemary oil extracts and geraniol.

“California represents a $36 billion per year agricultural economy, the largest in the world, producing nearly half of the nuts, fruits and vegetables grown in the US,” explains David Selakovic. “Our company is poised to enter this enormous market, with an all-natural product that has been thoroughly field-tested. We are confident that commercial growers will benefit from our safe, cost-effective treatment options.” The first trial in California was conducted on September 5th at a farm in Oxnard. One acre of strawberries that were 80% infected with powdery mildew received an application of Vegalab’s Mildew Control (foliar application). Only a few days later, visual evaluation showed 90% control, and even a month later, the crop was clean and needed no second application. Four more trials on farms in Santa Maria and Oxnard testing the effectiveness of Mildew and Spore Control on strawberries and Spider Mite Control on avocado trees proved to be equally successful, leading to Selakovic’s decision to launch Vegalab products into the Californian market.

In his role as President, David Selakovic has led Vegalab onto the road to international success, overseeing the development of new products in the laboratories in Geneva and managing the company’s expansion into new countries’ markets all over the world. Selakovic has an international reputation as a highly impactful business leader with a consistent record of launching successful companies and helping existing companies to maximize their performance and productivity. In his free time, David pursues a number of hobbies, including photography, sailing, and classical art. He lives in Singapore together with his wife Leah and children, where he is actively engaged in a network of local charities that reflect his personal beliefs.

Vegalab and David Selakovic Attend Singapore Garden Festival

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND–(Marketwired – Nov 5, 2014) – One of the premier agricultural manufacturing companies in the world was recently at The Singapore Garden Festival in August. David Selakovic, president of Vegalab LLC S.A., appeared at the popular festival to showcase the company’s latest line of products and help develop lasting professional relationships with other key industry players. Selakovic and his company had a booth at The Singapore Garden Festival where they presented their natural line of sustainable fertilizers and pesticides, including their brand-new innovation, Supreme Growers. The festival is one of the elite events on the horticulture calendar each year and the best place for companies to show off their finest products to professional and hobby gardeners.

The formula of Supreme Growers is the result of more than 20 years of gardening expertise and knowledge. Made in the United States, this product was designed for use indoors and outdoors, year-round, and is completely natural, making it a great choice for environmentally aware gardeners. The company also manufactures commercial farming products, but it was their residential line, including Myco Blast, Soil Blast, Larva Control, Kelp Blast, and Super Myco Tea, that caught visitors’ eyes in Singapore. The little miracle packages contain individual 5-gram pods that provide a gallon of high-powered fertilizer by simply adding water and allow gardeners to have a commercial farmer yield that will change the way they look at gardening forever without using any chemicals whatsoever.

This year marked the first time that The Singapore Garden Festival was actually held in a garden. The Gardens by the Bay presented a beautiful backdrop for the show, which featured miniature garden displays, a floral table setting exhibition, and other breathtaking creations from elite garden and floral experts that gave visitors an idea of what their dream garden and landscaping could look like. David Selakovic was on hand to show the festival guests how to select the right Vegalab products and how beneficial these can be for their home gardens.

Considered the global leader in manufacturing and formulating agricultural products that are sustainable, Vegalab LLC, is committed to producing eco-safe, all-natural products that are designed with the environment in mind. When applying Supreme Growers products, users can expect to see advancement and rapid growth on their property while at the same time achieving reduced residue on crops and a decreased chemical footprint left on the earth, as well as an increase in the productivity of plant and vegetable growth.

David Selakovic founded all-in-one business solutions provider Selacorp after decades of experience in the information technology business and as a software developer. Selakovic envisioned being able to provide businesses with premier solutions to all their problems, as well as help them to protect their assets and innovations. During his career, he has developed a reputation for being a highly impactful business leader, as well as a corporate consultant that has worked in countries around the world before settling down in Singapore with his wife and kids. His work with Vegalab allows him to contribute to follow one of his persona goals — finding sustainable solutions that have a global impact. He has received high praise in his role as the company’s president and is credited with helping the company continue to evolve.

David Selakovic Shares Tips on Using Vegalab Products for Successful Greenhouse Gardening

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – For the serious gardener, greenhouses are a great addition to any home yard, especially for those living in cooler climates. They provide a multitude of advantages such as being able to grow fresh vegetables all year long, the ability to grow exotic plants that may not be able to thrive in the local environment, saving money by cultivating one’s own starts, and in particular — it is good for our health! There is nothing like enjoying a day in the greenhouse, surrounded by the warm smell of earth and plants when it is snowing and gray outside. But greenhouses also bring along a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed, such as ventilation, insects and fungus. David Selakovic, President of Vegalab, a premier organic gardening company dedicated to non-toxic horticulture solutions, offers some basic tips to anyone with a greenhouse or considering building one.

“One of the most important factors that make a greenhouse successful is ventilation,” says Selakovic. It is essential to maintain proper ventilation, he explains, even in the middle of winter when it may seem unnecessary. This is to help regulate the temperature, which should remain around 75° to 85°F in the daytime and 60° to 75°F at night for summer crops and 65° to 70°F during the day and 45°F at night for colder weather crops. Ventilating the greenhouse will help keep the temperature from going too high, causing stress and weakening plants. Ventilation is also essential to help control fungi and to exchange air, allowing more carbon dioxide into the greenhouse for photosynthesis and also strengthening the woody stems. If one does encounter fungal problems, David Selakovic recommends his company’s organic fungicides as an excellent solution. They are effective at controlling both spores and mildew and are made from plant extracts, which makes them completely safe to use on food crops.

Insect pests have the potential to thrive in a greenhouse, where the more closely set plants and warm conditions can help them spread rapidly. Vegalab produces several non-toxic insecticide solutions. Their Nematode Control will help kill harmful parasitic species including, but not limited to, root knot, burrowing, lesion, pin, and spiral nematodes with the use of special micronized geraniol, which is extracted from geraniums. Another solution is their Spider Mite Control formula which is derived from plant oil extracts designed to disrupt the breathing of spider mites and also to prevent laid eggs from hatching. And finally there is Larva BioControl, which is a special solution containing live entomopathogenic nematodes that can be sprayed on plants to rapidly parasitize and kill many kinds of insect larvae including cabbage butterfly, cabbage moth, diamondback moth, peach pyralid moth, turnip moth, cutworm and others.

David Selakovic manages the Vegalab headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, and cooperates closely with the North American office in Palm Beach, Florida. Together they seek to encourage symbiotic relationships in agriculture on both the commercial and home scale. Its mission is to boost productivity while decreasing the chemical residue and harmful waste products that can pollute the land and harm people. By researching and developing commercial applications of natural, sustainable processes, the company has produced effective, non-toxic fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Expert Consultant David Selakovic and His Selcacorp Team Develop Comprehensive IT Solutions

SINGAPORE – In the midst of a rapidly changing computing landscape, a comprehensive IT strategy becomes the only way to adapt to the new speed of evolution. Big data expands with an ever-widening reach, with mobile and cloud services at the forefront of this change. Addressing these new information technology challenges requires intelligent analysis, innovative solutions and experienced implementation. IT expert David Selakovic and his company Selacorp are well positioned to meet these challenges. Regardless of the industry they are assisting — banking, insurance, retail or education — speed, flexibility and dollar value are always a primary concern.

“In a successful enterprise, no part of the larger IT landscape can ever be left unaddressed,” says David Selakovic. “The guiding principles of our company are integration and interdependence. We focus our consulting efforts on bringing the ‘whole package’ together — network infrastructure, security best practices and workplace services. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most useful services and innovations to assist in the management of intellectual and human resources.”

Selacorp remains a leader in IT consulting by providing managed services that deliver the resources and capabilities needed to build and maintain an agile, responsive IT environment. The company has established itself as an architect of the comprehensive approach to construct an integrated suite of solutions. Addressing enterprise computing and cloud services, the company can provide direction for data center design to link every IP-enabled device within the client’s network. Infrastructure security goes hand-in-hand with cloud-based solutions and Selacorp has implemented best practices that maximize privacy and safety while still allowing for employee ease and accessibility. On the ground-level, workplace services side, Selacorp is an expert in efficiency and management of resources, business processes and innovation while transforming the client’s organization into a more flexible and cost-effective computing environment. All of this begins with an effective consultation phase to fully understand the client, listen to their concerns and propose solutions that will be customized to their specific workplace needs. “Good IT solution implementation begins with a good IT plan,” explains Selakovic. “And there are no shortcuts to a cohesive strategy.”

As a highly impactful business leader, David Selakovic has generated a consistent record of building successful companies, forging high-performing teams and developing creative, bold strategic business initiatives for small to large corporations. Besides running Selacorp and several other high-profile companies within the information technology, medical, chemical, energy and marketing industries, David is a sought-after corporate advisor. He has helped to conceptualize, build and launch dozens of promising and highly skilled companies based on purpose and a comprehensive business plan. With engaging style, expert advice, and keen insight on business building, team productivity, and his exceptional skill to add value to any business, David remains an in-demand consultant. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore where he lives with his wife, Leah, and their two children.

Vegalab President David Selakovic Offers Great Advice on Fertilizing Before the Winter

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The start of autumn and cooler weather signals the time for fall fertilization to help keep lawns and plants healthy throughout the winter. By fertilizing in the fall, gardeners can help to strengthen the roots, giving the plants and turf a strong base for future spring growth. David Selakovic, the founder of Vegalab, an international leader in non-toxic, organic horticulture solutions, is offering some key advice on how to prepare the yard for the coming of winter, based on his extensive experience in all-natural and sustainable agriculture.

According to Selakovic, the first thing to consider when it comes to fertilization is the lawn. At the start of September, grass is recovering from the summer and is waking up from its brown, drought-induced dormancy, so fall is the ideal time to boost the nitrogen levels, which help promote blade growth. This is particularly true for cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, which have their prime growing time in the cooler months of fall and spring. Vegalab’s Nitrogen Pro (22-0-0) is a great solution to rejuvenate lawns with its liquid formulation containing a high concentration of nitrogen and micronutrients that quickly assists in the conversion of nitrogen into important bio-compounds that are transported throughout the plant.

Later in the fall — end of October or early November — is the time to build the turf’s roots with phosphorous. Phosphorus Pro (0-29-5), another fertilization product from the Vegalab line, helps to provide essential plant nutrients that maintain proper cellular growth and the integrity of cell walls. By helping roots grow before winter sets in, the lawn will green-up quicker in the spring and will have the strength to be more resistant to disease and draught during the following summer. Turning from the lawn to the plants, it is inevitable that perennials are starting to fade. However, once again the use of Phosphorous Pro (0-29-5) can considerably improve the future of the yard, as the additional phosphorous will help the plants emerge with more flowers in the springtime.

David Selakovic also points out that while all his company’s fertilizer products are derived from natural ingredients and are non-toxic, appropriate land management practices should nevertheless be used at all times with any fertilizer. It is essential to make sure no fertilizers can enter public or private water supplies, including wells, lakes, streams of rivers. With these simple precautions organic fertilizers achieve optimum results with minimal impact on the environment and without causing any harm to farmers or end consumers.

Vegalab and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, where David Selakovic oversees the production site as well as the development labs. The company seeks to encourage symbiotic relationships in agriculture on both the commercial and home scale. Its mission is to boost productivity while decreasing the chemical residue and harmful waste products that can pollute the land and harm people. The company’s products are designed to optimize the world’s resources and to ensure a more efficient, ecologically sound planet for the future. By using the power of nature, they guarantee organic, natural and safe development and production of inexpensive, sustainable, effective and non-toxic fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Selacorp CEO David Selakovic Offers Premier Software Consulting Services

SINGAPORE – Business owners in need of software solutions oftentimes find themselves faced with a plethora of options. The list of manufacturers, vendors and variations on enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be overwhelming, not to mention the customization and integration into the company-specific sales process. As if that was not enough, they have to consider suitable eCommerce platforms, cloud computing or intranet applications. And of course, the obvious and often most paralyzing aspect of all — decisions made today will impact the IT infrastructure well into the future. This is why an increasing number of companies turn to David Selakovic and his company Selacorp, an international provider of customized business solutions, to help them with the selection and implementation process.

Selacorp works with a wide range of businesses across all industries to help them in their software selection and deployment. The process begins with a close analysis of the respective organization to analyze its workflow and discover and define its specific needs. Great attention is paid to existing software solutions to understand their context and interrelationships. This in turn helps to define selection criteria by means of which different products and vendors are evaluated. Selakovic’s expert team works hard to ensure that each and every client arrives at the most appropriate, cost-effective and business-efficient solution for their specific needs, whether it is commercial products like SharePoint or Microsoft CRM or Open Source products such as SugarCRM, Drupal CMS, Salesforce CRM or Ruby on Rails. As deployment begins, they assist vendors throughout the entire process and help manage the user adoption phase to make sure that humans and machines work together seamlessly.

“Our clients are experts in their respective fields, and we are experts in our domain,” explains David Selakovic. “The range of available business software options can seem infinite at times, and the implementation and integration processes are really where ‘the rubber meets the road,’ so to speak. By applying our many years of combined experience in addition to our IT expertise and our own entrepreneurial ethos, we can help companies thrive with the most productive, modern software solutions available on the market today.”

Operating in a global context, Selacorp is an expert in utilizing a great variety of resources, innovations, strategies and products to assist their clientele in furthering their businesses. Unique company requirements and cultures are integrated into the planning to ensure the highest productivity and competency is achieved. The company’s services include training, supply chain management, financing solutions, marketing tools innovations for OEM, intellectual asset management, contracts and subcontracts, procurement, outsourcing, government tenders and IT equipment.

David Selakovic is a business leader, avid investor and sought-after consultant with extensive experience in the corporate world. Originally from Slovenia, David is a world citizen and a frequent traveler who is currently based in Singapore. Whether he is expanding his own portfolio of business ventures, assisting in the launch of new companies or developing innovative, profitable business lines, David is constantly creating and building. His passion for business is driven by a desire to inspire others and help grow their entrepreneurial spirit.

Vegalab President David Selakovic Points Out Health Effects of Organic Farming

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A recent study conducted by Newcastle University took a closer look on the impact organically grown crops have on human health compared to conventional crops. According to the study results, the health benefits of organic produce are considerable in that their antioxidant levels are much higher than those of conventional crops, while the pesticide levels are significantly lower. To David Selakovic, President at Vegalab and well-versed expert in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture, the results of the study were no surprise: “Organic farming is not just about producing less pollution, finding environmentally friendly approaches and protecting the ecosystem,” explains Selakovic. “It is just as much about offering high-quality food options for health-conscious consumers.”

According to Carlos Leifert, lead author of the study and Professor of Ecological Agriculture at Newcastle University, organic agriculture achieves exactly that. “It shows very clearly how you grow your food has an impact, and that if you buy organic fruits and vegetables, you can be sure you have, on average, a higher amount of antioxidants at the same calorie level,” says Leifert. Another advantage discovered during the study was a significantly higher level of flavanones, a substance that is thought to lower the risk of strokes.

Organic farming on a large scale is made possible through industry leaders such as Vegalab, a manufacturer of sustainable, all-natural agricultural products based in Geneva, Switzerland, managed by David Selakovic, who has long been a proponent of environmentally friendly production solutions. Vegalab’s portfolio includes organic fertilizers that boost the growth and improve the overall taste of fruits and vegetables without the negative side effects that synthetic fertilizers bring along. With regards to pesticides and insecticides, the development team under Selakovic’s leadership has come up with an array of all-natural solutions to fight pests such as mosquitos or spider mites and treat a variety of plant diseases, amongst them mildew and wilt disease.

David Selakovic’s forward-thinking and can-do attitude has been a major contributor to the Vegalab success story. Selakovic in turn is proud to be part of the state-of-the-art innovations that his company is been developing on an ongoing basis. Selakovic’s reputation as a leading business manager and corporate consultant goes way beyond the agricultural product industry. Thanks to many years of experience in building strong teams, developing cutting-edge strategies and setting up comprehensive business initiatives, he has become an internationally sought after business advisor who genuinely enjoys helping other companies and other managers achieve the same success he has been enjoying with his own business endeavors. While his business for Vegalab is centered around Geneva, Selakovic lives with his wife in Singapore where he has taken on the role as an active philanthropist who supports multiple local and international charities.

Selacorp Founder David Selakovic Shares Valuable Tips About Enterprise Mobility

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – The long-anticipated release of the iPhone 6 or the endless lines in front of electronic stores when the Surface Pro 3 hit the market are clear indicators for the increasingly important role that mobile devices in general, and smartphones in particular, play in our everyday lives. The usage of these gadgets is by no means limited to playing games anymore, they are now commonly used for work purposes by employees all over the world. And while end users enjoy the comfort of completing a plethora of tasks from their phones and tablets, companies are faced with the challenge of resolving technical hiccups as well as security and governance issues. David Selakovic, founder and Managing Director of Selacorp, knows how tricky this can be for enterprises that are not anchored in the IT industry and is now offering extensive enterprise mobility guidance for his clients.

Currently, 1 billion people around the world are using smartphones, the majority of which uses their device for work purposes. According to IBM Research, employee productivity increases by 45% when mobile apps are being used, so employers understandably are happy about the positive impact on their business. At the same time they are facing challenges that come with the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement, ranging from guaranteeing secure connections between employees, partners and customers, to integrating legacy applications. “Looking at the long list of requirements to ensure safe enterprise mobility can be daunting,” says David Selakovic. “But thanks to my highly competent and experienced Selacorp team, clients can rest easy, knowing that we will take care of everything.”

Selakovic reveals some basic tips every company should consider when dealing with enterprise mobility. To start with a general mobility strategy is necessary to determine the business object that is the driving force for enterprise mobility. The next important step is finding a safe service provider that takes care of platforms and operating systems and to establishing the right balance between IT control and business freedom. All this can be easily solved with the help of an enterprise mobility partner, such as Selacorp, that supports clients from setting up an optimized BYOD strategy to its implementation.

David Selakovic founded Selacorp, an all-in-one business solutions provider, based on his decades of experience as an information technology expert and software developer. It has always been his vision to provide premier solutions for clients, cover all their business needs and help them to manage their innovations and assets, a vision he realized with the launch of Selacorp. Selakovic has made himself a name as an impactful business leader and cutting-edge corporate consultant who has been working in various countries around the world before settling in Singapore with his wife Leah. His goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of others and to do his part to shape the future of the world at large. Selakovic does that through commendable business practices and policies as well as through his engagement in various philanthropic causes and charities.

David Selakovic Expands Vegalab’s Global Positioning Through Ecowin Acquisition

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Vegalab, a formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability, announced this week that it is expanding its global positioning by acquiring a major shareholding stake in Ecowin Co Ltd, an award-winning developer and manufacturer of all-natural agricultural products based in Korea. Ecowin and all of its manufacturing facilities will be rebranded as Vegalab’s Global Innovation Center. This acquisition creates one of the industry’s leading all natural and biotechnology companies. Ecowin joins the Vegalab family with an already established history of working together successfully. In the past, the two companies already have collaborated on R&D projects that strengthened their shared vision of creating products that are healthy alternatives to synthetic agriculture products.

Ecowin’s advanced team of engineers and their reputation for leading the way in greener initiatives won them the National Green Technology Award from the Korean Prime Minister for being one of the nation’s top green technology institutions. Their dedication to change the agricultural landscape from chemical pesticides to eco-friendly bio-pesticides makes them a perfect fit for Vegalab. “As the damaging effects of synthetic products continues to surface and industry regulators enforce higher standards, commercial agricultural and consumers are beginning to look for new healthier alternatives,” said David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A. “With our technology-driven R&D resources combined with our expanded manufacturing facility, we are positioned for rapid growth. Together, we are able to innovate faster and blaze the trail in organic agriculture products.”

In exchange for transferring Ecowin’s intellectual property and trade secrets, Vegalab has committed to build a new state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility that will be completed in Spring of 2015. The Global Innovation Center will enable a more streamlined operation with higher output and lower costs and will be on the forefront of enhancing Vegalab’s proprietary micronization and amplification processes. Logistically, this new facility will also support the ability to expedite shipments around the world. Much like David Selakovic’s expert lab team in Geneva, Switzerland, the newly expanded R&D team of Vegalab Korea aims at attracting top notch scientists and agronomists that will work together to source world-class materials and ingredients that will be used to create the finest and highest performing all natural agriculture products.

Vegalab is a global leader in formulating and manufacturing environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability. Vegalab S.A. corporate headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, while the North American headquarters are in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Swiss facility is managed by David Selakovic, who is known across many industries for his skills as a wise and powerful business leader, savvy investor, and sought-after advisor. His passion for business, for helping others with his entrepreneurial zest, for building highly productive teams, and for supporting the communities in which he lives and works, is of utmost importance to him. In his rare free time, David likes to explore his personal interests in photography, sailing, classical art, racing cars, and participating in extreme sports. He is actively supporting a number of charities that reflect his personal core values and allow him to give back to the local communities.

Selacorp’s Advice Services and David Selakovic Promote Corporate Philanthropy

SINGAPORE – A recent article in the Wall Street Journal advised that now would be a great time to open a donor-advised fund (DAF) for charitably-minded investors to make use of the tax benefits while helping others. DAFs would allow investors to put money into a fund at any given time throughout the tax year and receive an immediate tax deduction, but postpone the actual donation until they decide which charity or cause to support. According to a recent survey by National Philanthropic Trust, more than 200,000 donors in the United States currently have such accounts – and this number is growing. In the last fiscal year alone, which ended on June 30, contributions through DAFs amounted to no less than $7.4 billion.

Individuals can benefit from these tax exemptions as well as companies, which is why David Selakovic, owner and Managing Director of Selacorp, has decided to make use of the DAF system: “This program is a very important part of our firm’s goal to exercise philanthropy and expand our services to a number of nonprofit organizations. In the last few years, we have contributed a considerable amount of money and through our expansion, we have further reinforced our commitment to serving others by providing financial advice and solutions to these organizations and charities.”

Donations made by Selacorp and its partners are especially focused at programs that create and support educational opportunities, explains David Selakovic. Through these contributions he hopes to help students from low-income families achieve their full potential without worrying about financial limitations. Money that is given towards such programs is used for after-school programs, scholarships, and cultural and educational programming for students all over the world.

Selacorp is helping its clients around the globe with strategic IT resources utilization and intellectual asset management. The leading company, which is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in London, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, is known for its holistic business solutions in the fields of technology, research, and innovation with three main pillars in mind: strategy, innovation, and dynamics. Thanks to Selakovic’s extensive experience and skills as a software architect and IT developer, he and his team are experts in developing comprehensive approaches that take a multitude of different strategies and concepts into consideration in order to find a perfect, custom-made solution for each and every client.

David Selakovic’s vision is using his business to make a difference, through optimized solutions for his clients and through philanthropic efforts to support his community and those in need. Over the years, Selakovic has built himself an international reputation as a successful manager, business leader, investor and corporate adviser following this vision. Thankful for his success, he considers it his social responsibility to contribute to the growth and improvement of the world at large, following his favorite quote by Abraham Lincoln: “Ability may get you to the top, but it’s character that will keep you there”.

Urban Farmers Turn to David Selakovic for Advice on Vegalab Fertilizers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There has been an exploding worldwide trend of city dwellers growing their own crops – tomatoes, lettuce, corn, peas – anywhere the space will allow, from rooftops and vacant lots to clever trellis and bed designs. This burning interest in urban farming has come from increased attention to trustable, minimally processed pure food and a desire to live in greater harmony with the land. That spirit fits perfectly with David Selakovic’s company, Vegalab, so it is no surprise he is a frequent advisor to urban farming groups.

“Vegalab’s fertilizer preparations are ideal for an urban garden setting because they’re entirely non-toxic and well-suited for small-scale use,” says David Selakovic, president of Vegalab. “We manufacture twenty-five different preparations each designed for particular needs, whether it’s boosting growth, providing protection from low temperatures, increasing fruit production, creating vibrant flowers, and so forth. I love to encourage the new urban pioneers who are producing their own rooftop food – there is nothing you can’t grow with the help of our fertilizers and years of applied research.”

Gardeners are encouraged to visit the Vegalab website to take a look at the wide range of fertilizer preparations, their advised use and further technical details. Founded based on a commitment to non-toxic, safe, sustainable and symbiotic gardening processes, company’s propriety micronization technology works to enhance the base organic compounds that fight pests and disease. Their fertilizer preparations use safe organic minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that are proven to be key additives for healthy plant growth. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the human population will grow from its current seven billion to nearly ten billion, with nearly 80% of the earth’s population living in urban centers. Currently, around the globe, over 80% of the land that is suitable for raising crops is already in use and, to compound the problem, about 15% of that land is being destroyed by poor farming practices. Looking at the equation, it becomes alarmingly obvious that food production needs to evolve into the cities, growing vertically and utilizing every square foot of land available. And with that density of space and proximity to people, toxic chemicals traditionally used on farms will have to be replaced with safer alternatives. Companies like Vegalab will be even more in demand as urban farming develops from a hobby into a necessity.

David Selakovic is a businesses leader and avid investor with an aim towards making the world a better place. His role as president of Vegalab is just one example of this. Driven by his passion for nature and efficiency, David has been working to help the world’s agriculture – on both, a commercial and home scale – break its dependence on dangerous chemical compounds and environmentally destructive practices. David often says his motto is the one that guided Abraham Lincoln – “Ability may get you to the top, but it’s character that will keep you there.” Just as his business reflects that, so do his wide-ranging philanthropic efforts and non-profit work.

IT Expert David Selakovic Shares Industry’s Best Practice Tips

SINGAPORE – As information technology becomes increasingly more complex and interdependent, managing and securing computing infrastructures becomes more critical. Businesses have long adopted standardized best practices, which give them an industry-proven means to protect their systems and ensure smooth functioning. Individuals need to be equally aware and diligent in maintaining their own computers. Security risks abound, but there are a few “best practices” that, if adopted at home, can help to minimize those risks. Information technology expert David Selakovic, CEO and founder of Selacorp, an international IT consulting firm, has outlined some essential routines that have the potential to save many headaches.

“Security always needs to be paramount,” said David Selakovic, CEO and founder of Selacorp. “One of the most important attitudes to assume is that anything that can have a password applied to it should. Turn them all on. This is not simply paranoia. People with home routers, VPN’s and devices like wireless printers should be aware that these can be increasingly accessed by unauthorized users. So many people literally never change their factory-installed password, which allows hackers potential access to hundreds of thousands of home systems. As devices evolve and become more networked, this risk will only increase.”

Hand in hand with that foundational mindset come other security-related best practices. Individuals are advised to use different passwords for different applications – one for banking, one for social networks, one for news sites, one ‘throwaway’ password that you would not care if someone cracked for low-level blogs or other sites that require a password but can cause no grave loss to the user if stolen. Use at least eight characters, upper and lowercase, with numbers and symbols. And change those passwords often. Just as home safety experts recommend changing smoke detector batteries twice a year when we reset the clocks, that is also a great trigger for remembering to change passwords. Always take time to install patches and software updates. Everyone knows these can be a hassle, but with new security holes being discovered constantly, one never knows which update will be the one that keeps you safe. Learn to schedule them while away from the machine, such as taking a shower or going for a walk so that they’re less of a bother. Regular backups have been a mantra for decades of course, but how many consumers know that both Windows and Mac operating systems include built-in desktop firewalls? Firewalls are an effective tool to prevent outside access but they are rarely turned on by home computer users. By incorporating just these few simple tips, most people will exponentially improve their personal IT security level.

Global entrepreneur David Selakovic was born and raised in Slovenia and today manages his multiple businesses in Singapore, Switzerland and London. His Singapore-based Selacorp explores new technological innovations and how to effectively incorporate them into business, with a broad reach into the technology, chemical, medical, energy and marketing industries. With his extensive background in finance information technology, David has emerged as a much sought-after international business consultant. He lives in Singapore with his wife and two children, and he makes an active effort to support local and global philanthropic causes whenever possible. His limited free time is spent in the pursuit of interests in sailing, photography, classical art and extreme sports.