vegalab david dragan selakovic

Vegalab is a biotech company with a focus on biological based products for plant protection and health. By combining innovative technology with naturally occurring substances such as microbes and plant extracts, Vegalab's all-natural solutions deliver a sustainable and effective alternative to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Vegalab is committed to creating a safe and ecologically sound planet for future generations.

 lacrex david dragan selakvoic

Founded in 1991, Lacrex is a Swiss design company with 300+ patents. A proponent of "form follows function", Lacrex products harmoniously combine the beauty of design with the practicality of function. Everyday objects like wrenches, bread boxes, and waste bins are transformed into products that users actually get excited about using.

 selacorp david dragan selakovic

Selacorp is a full-service hardware distributor based in Singapore. As one of the world's premier IT distributors, Selacorp has been recognized by several industry publications as a preeminent global distributor of computer components. Selacorp proudly celebrates over 16 years of helping businesses run smarter with customized solutions.